Monday, August 09, 2004

Weekend in Wexford

Spent the weekend in Wexford,what a relief to get out of the Dirty Old Town, perhaps I should use the acronym DOT from now on when talking of Doubbalin, anyway we had some some sun and a whole load of cloud down there but at least it wasn't DOT..I have included here some photos of the Saving Private Ryan beach or Curracloe to natives..It felt so relaxing not to hear the accents of Dublin 1 in the air (poisonous noise to the ear)...met up with a friend of Eamonn's-interesting to hear of his year's experience in the quintessial Yank state California...didn't sound such a bad place..San Francisco in the north at least...observed the way the planning laws work in my home town as well-lesson 1 for developers do not piss off the council for you shall have revenge in the end...the guy got part of his pub knocked down for 'structural reasons', he just happened to have built a hotel which contrevened planning laws elsewhere in the town...justice at last,yes!...the road between Wexford and the civilsation of DOT has knocked 20 mins off the journey time, even with Bus Eireann!!-a revelation!...


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